Medical Human Anatomy Online Graduate Certificate


Want to learn human medical anatomy in a modern way? Learn the anatomy through practical, clinically-relevant exercises instead of through rote memorization of tables of muscles and cells. Encompassing the anatomy of embryos and adults as well as microanatomy at the cellular level, this graduate certificate program offers a complete study of the anatomy of the human body.

The Medical Human Anatomy certificate is especially designed for students wishing to enhance their medical school applications, overseas students with MD or PhD degrees wishing to enhance their applications into US programs, and science teachers who teach anatomy at the high school or college level. This program will consist of 13 credits offered entirely online. Upon completion of this program, students will receive a Certificate of Medical Human Anatomy from the University of Florida.


Who Should Take This Certificate?

  • Students preparing for:
    • Medical School
    • Dental School
    • Physician Assistant School
    • Nursing School
  • Medical Professionals
  • College Instructors



Core-Required – complete all 3

Electives – choose 1 of the following 2




The teaching faculty for this graduate certificate are members of the Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology, at the University of Florida. The certificate, course and section coordinators are the following:

ydaaka_1_thumbYehia Daaka, Ph.D., Haskell Hess Professor and Chair, Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology, Certificate Program Director.

ACB2015-4204William Dunn, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology.

ACB2015-4154Kyle Rarey, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology.


Tuition is $550.00 per credit hour.

Students will also be expected to pay university fees, such as the Capital Improvement Trust Fund fee and technology fees, which amount to approximately $13 per credit hour. More information can be found at:

If you are an UF Graduate Assistant, please be aware that our courses are self-funded and cannot be used to qualify for a graduate assistantship or be paid for by a graduate assistantship.  UF students are welcome to take these courses if approved by their advisor but will have to pay out-of-pocket for tuition and fees.

The program does not currently accept Employee Education Program (EEP) students.



This program requires a BA or BS degree and a strong science foundation with at least five full semester courses related to biology, chemistry and/or physics.


Requirements for Graduation

In order to be awarded the certificate, students must have earned a minimum grade of C on all coursework with an average GPA of 3.0 or higher. Students must apply in order to earn the certificate. More information here


Critical Dates

Summer 2019

March 25– Courses open for registration
April 1– Certificate application final deadline- all materials (transcripts, etc) must be received by this date
April 1– Readmission deadline
April 29– Non-degree application deadline
May 13– Classes begin


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the certificate?
It is up to the student to decide how many courses to take per semester. Most students take one or two courses per semester. One course per semester would take four semesters.
Will my certificate say “online” or be different compared to a traditional on-campus certificate?
The certificate will not say “online” and it will be the same as a certificate earned on-campus.
Is this certificate 100% online? Will I have to come to campus?
All courses are 100% online and students are not required to come to campus.
Can I begin taking courses as a non-degree student, and then be formally admitted and receive a certificate?
Courses taken as a non-degree seeking student cannot be officially transferred into a certificate program. However, these courses can be used to satisfy course requirements.
Can I transfer credits to another university?
If you are currently earning a degree at another institution, it would be at their discretion whether credits could be transferred.
Is the certificate accredited?
All courses and certificates offered by the University of Florida are regionally accredited by SACS. More information is available here:
Can I start the certificate in any semester?
Yes, students can start in Fall, Spring or Summer.
How is testing done?
Testing is done via webcam by ProctorU.
I live outside of the United States. Can I take this certificate?