Anatomical Sciences Education Online Graduate Certificate

This certificate program is designed for teachers in secondary education, anatomy instructors at community colleges, and others seeking post-baccalaureate education in the anatomical sciences. The program is offered jointly by College of Medicine and the College of Education. It offers a broad range of courses related to medical human anatomy and higher education, including anatomical knowledge, pedagogical expertise, and assessment skills.

The Anatomical Sciences Education certificate is especially designed for science teachers who teach anatomy at the high school or instructors at the college level. This program consists of 12 credits offered entirely online, 6 anatomy credits and 6 education credits. Upon completion of this program, students will receive a Certificate of Anatomical Sciences Education from the University of Florida.


Who Should Take This Certificate?

  • Teachers in secondary education
  • Anatomy instructors at community colleges
  • Others seeking post-baccalaureate education in the anatomical sciences


Core-Required Credits Available
3 Fall, Spring, Summer
Electives – Anatomy Courses (select 1) Credits Available
3 Fall, Spring, Summer
3 Fall, Spring, Summer
3 Fall, Spring, Summer
Electives – Education Courses (select 2)
  • EDG 6356: Teaching, Learning, and Assessment
  • SCE 5140: Science Curriculum Development
3 Spring 2022
  • SCE 5765: Data-Driven Science Instruction
3 Fall 2021
  • EME 5207: Designing Technology-Rich Curricula
3 Spring 2022
  • EME 5405: Internet in K-12 Instruction
3 Fall 2021


The teaching faculty for this graduate certificate are members of the Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology and the College of Education at the University of Florida. The certificate, course and section coordinators are the following:

William Dunn, PhD

Professor, Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology. Course coordinator for GMS 5630 Medical Histology and GMS 5057 Medical Cell Biology.

William Dunn, PhD

Kyle Rarey, PhD

Professor, Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology. Course coordinator for GMS 5605 Medical Human Anatomy and GMS 5604 Medical Human Embryology.

Kyle Rarey, PhD



Tuition is $550.00 per credit hour.

Students will also be expected to pay university fees, such as the Capital Improvement Trust Fund fee and technology fees, which amount to approximately $36 per credit hour. More information can be found at:

The program does not currently accept Employee Education Program (EEP) students.



This program requires a BA or BS degree and a strong science foundation with at least five full semester courses related to biology, chemistry and/or physics.


Requirements for Graduation

In order to be awarded the certificate, students must have earned a minimum grade of C on all coursework with an average GPA of 3.0 or higher.


Critical Dates

Fall 2024

  • June 18 – Courses open for registration
  • July 22– Certificate application final deadline- all materials (transcripts, etc) must be received by this date
  • July 22 – Readmission deadline
  • August 22– Classes begin